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Podcast Project Plan
Title: St.Valentine's Day
Main objective: uring a week the participants will tell 
about the history and the traditions of St.Valentine's Day.
Level: Intermediate
Class type: intermediate learners( 11-13 year old)
Aim: summarize the information about the St.Valentine's Day
Activity focus: reading-speaking
Time: Max 3 minutes
Material: Computer with access to Internet / Headphones
1. Teacher shows how to use Audacity in the classroom.
2. Students finds some information  about St. Valentine's Day.
3..Students record some information and poems  about St. Valentine's Day at the lesson in the computer laboratory.
4. Student chooses a classmate and listens to his/her recordin and comment on it orally.
5. Teacher explains the students  how to publish the file in Podomatic.
6. Students publish the files.
7.Teacher assess the  work of the students using a rubric.

The project "St.Valentine's Day" 

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