Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week 5 Task 2, 3

 Task 2
  Really, the plan of the lesson is amazing. it gives so many ideas  for using  wonderful tools for reading, showing the details of the novel( fairy-tale) story, poem... it is also interesting for text- analyzing and  expressing one's own attitude to the  piece of Literature.
 I would choose Robin Hood stories.
 Robin Hood and  the Silver Arrow
The Level of the students: Intermediate.

1.After reading  the story I would offer to  do a Drama Mapping.
 Charachter Map, Conflict Map, Resolution Map.

2. It will be useful to work with the Plot Diagram 
3. To make a poster that details the actions of the Shooting Match.
4. To record a commercial advertising this play.
5. To think about another story with these charachters.

Task 3.
My e-book.


  1. Great idea, Svetlana! There are just a thousand possibilities, aren't there???