Thursday, January 12, 2012

Digital tools in the classroom. Week1

 Week 1.
Task 2.

I like working with Edmodo. This site gives a nice opportunity  for work in a group, for introducing  themselves and  for having a protection ( it's also very important in the Internet).

 Task 3.
These are the sites that can help to tell about your biography.  As for me, I really like "aboutme" and "". They seem easy to use even for  10 year old  students and  they are easy to work with.
"animoto" is a nice site, haivng many ways of presenting the information.
  1. Animoto 
  2. About me
Task 5.
After learning the table of this site, I would like to say that 
this matrix embraces all the levels of computer-based learning.  The value of this table is  in the prospects it gives: next steps are pointed out and  a detailed description of the steps  can be   used as a guideline for the development of using digital tools in the classroom.   I candefine the level of my students as between adoption and adaptation level. They are active enough, but it's necessary to chage the whole attitude towards lesson planning in order to organize an adaptation level of learning.
I would like to move to the   infusion level.

The lesson plan:
The topic of the lesson: " My school" 
The age of the students: 12-13
Necessary equipment: computers,  Internet access, multimedia projector
The  digital tools:
http://about me
1.  Warming-up activities.
 Organization of the talk about school building, classrooms, school  playgrounds.
( in the form of  mindmapping)
 2.Learning new words, connected with the school traditions and making up sentences with these words.
3. A group task:  making up a  description of  any school tradition and presenting  using   any of the digital tools
http://about me
  The groups are provided with the  instrustion how to work with these sites.
4.  Presenting the  tasks by every group


  1. Replies
    1. Dear Melamory,

      I like your lesson plan.
      I also think about using these tools in the writing area.
      Students can take photos from their school and begin
      describing them using one of these tools.

      Also I loved your and pages.
      You tried a lot of tools this week.
      Very energetic teacher!

      So happy to be your colleague
      in such fabulous course!