Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 3

Task 1 - Listening Treasure Hunt

a. Time is short. You're preparing for a class in which you want to enhance your students' listening skills. You've got exactly 30 minutes to find a hidden listening treasure. Click on any image below and start your exploration for the great listening hidden treasure. Take notes on what sites/resources you found interesting, their advantages and drawbacks.

b. Ready? Click on this alarm clock to set it up for 30 minutes and leave it there as you browse through the online possibilities.

c. Go!



Task 1,2

 I  have been  fascinated by the site
It contains the type of exercises I have been looking for a long time.  The main idea of this site is to show   short videos and to train some grammar material on the basis of the stories, shown in them. there are worksheets on most  grammar topics studied at school.
 I think,  I will use it with a great pleasure.

This site is really nice to work with as little children recite the poems  in  a cute  way! The resource is easy to use for young learners.

This site  is good for advanced learners and it is interesting for teenagers as   famous peopls are interviewed.

 This site  contains quite a large number of the films with the scripts, it gives an opportunity to listen to the movie, or to watch the movie.The collection of the resources is really impressive.
 It's an amazing site!It allows to  choose  texts on many topics, to listen to them and to write a dictation. It is possible to choose different kinds of tasks( just typing, typing the first letter of the word or  filling in the blanks).
The site gives examples of different accents of English.  It's  a nice, easy to work with.It gives an opportunity to listen to different ideas of famous people on  many topics.
 The site is created for the children and  it allows to find the resources connected with such subjects as Geography, Science, Humanity and some others. It allows to organize a game or to listen to the video. A fantastic site!

 It's a site  of  free geolocalized audioguides. It presents different places and their noise and talks there.


  1. Svetlana,
    Very helpful and inspiring review.

  2. Svetlana, you did a great job with this review! Nicely done!!