Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 2

 The tasks are really wonderful and trying different tools for  writing is a fascinating journey!

Task 1.
My choice is 1D 2A 3A ( It was a little bit hard to stay within only 50 words :)
In one city street there lived a dog. All the day it walked along the street and watched around. Nobody knew whose dog it was. Once a boy looked out of the window and noticed how the dog tapped the pavement and a door appeared. The dog came into the door and…

 Task 2.

Describe your understanding of what the tool does and how you would use it. What age group would you recommend the tool for? What is unique about the tool? Do you see possible problems or limitations?

PicLit from
See the full PicLit at

This tool seems to be  useful for developing writing skills.  A student should choose  any picture. Every picture has a set of words, divided  into the coloumns of nouns, adjectives, verbs and other parts of speech.
The task is to drag the words and arrange them into sentences,describing the picture or giving any slogan.  It is possible to use a  " freestyle" function and to type the words by themselves.  After saving the picture, a short slogan  (or a little story)  is made.
 This activity seems  interesting, as it allows to a student to train  his/ her writing skills and allows to refresh Grammar rules and to find a short but capacious description.

The site      allows  students to  show thei stiry in pictures. it is possible to take  pictures from a set or to upload one's own pictures. It's easy to operate and fascinating to use. I think, it would be a great tool for developing writing skills for young  students.
 Here's  an example of using the site.

Task 3.
 The sites offered for collective work  in the field of the creative writing  are really interesting.    is really  easy to work with, and  the lines of different co-typers are   clearly seen.

The site allows to  work creatively together and to make up a story.( My colleagues helped  me  with the story-writing)

 The site is also easy  to work with.
 These two sites seem to be  optiml for using in a classroom.

 Task 4.
  The sites, recomended for  creating presentations are really useful  because  they allow to  make up the necessary information in  order. They offer different types of presenting material, so, it's a set of the instruments  for creative work.

 I also tried  some sites for creative writing.  These ones seem the most useful for working.

The Newspaper Clipping

Dvolver Moviemaker


  1. Dear Svetlana,
    Thank you for sharing all your work with us. You really experimented with almost all the tools. Lovely work! Hugs

  2. Wow, yes! Lots of exploration around!